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Glam Rawk Tatterdemalion Of The Neon Ragznarok!

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Rock, Schlock N' Roll weirdo artist David Hanson, formerly known as Ragzdandelion, now goes my the much cooler moniker of RAGZ DRAKULA! Comic art, horror art, underground art, the kind of art that makes your eyes bug out! It's sexy and everything your parents warned you about! Spankin'!!!
60's psychedelic garage rock, alice cooper, angel, aria giovanni, b-movies, b.c. rich, basketcase, bela lugosi, betty page, bit torrents, boris karloff, cheap trick, chris bachalo, christopher lee, comics, conan o'brien, dad's porno mag, dan brereton, danko jones, david lee roth, david letterman, dir en grey, dogwitch, ed wood, ergo proxy, evildead, ezo, famous monsters of filmland, faster pussycat, flatbacker, flint, forever people, frank cho, gamora, gibson les pauls, gilby clarke, gill man, glam, godzilla movies, goth, goth chicks, grinder girl, guns n' roses, h.i.m., hanoi rocks, home movies, horror films, j rock, jack kirby, jaime pressley, japanese horror, joan jett, juon, juxtapose, kaiju, kari wuhrer, katie fey, killraven, kiss, kiva kahl, lo-fi, loving dead, lowbrow art, luis royo, m.night shyamalan, marvelous 3, mr.miracle, my name is earl, nadine velasquez, new gods, new york dolls, newlydeads, nikki dial, nocturnals, peter cushing, petra verkaik, pirates, planet of the apes, playing guitar, punky meadows, ray harryhausen, rob zombie, russ meyer, ryan roxie, sammi curr, sir graves ghastly, slash, something wierd, south park, spinal tap, starz, strictly taboo, swartz creek, t.rex, tera patrick, the black jetts, the cramps, the crow, the donnas, the ghoul, the grudge, the killers, the ring, the runaways, the simpsons, the slipnutz, the sweet, tim burton, twisted sister, uma thurman, vampirella, vampires, velvet revolver, vincent price, visual kei, warlocks, will it float, writing and recording music, x japan, x-men, zombies